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Schalk Burger (Chairman)

Schalk is a quantity surveyor and owner of Quantum Quantity Surveyors. He led the founding team of Masincedisane Klipheuwel with the vision to enrich the lives of people through world class education. He was appointed as Director in 31 August 2006 when Masincedisane amalgamated with Shiloh Christian Upliftment Centre and continued as Director when Shiloh Synergy was formed. In August 2012, He was appointed as Chairman of Shiloh Synergy.

Andre Beeton

Andre is a dental technician by trade and it is through his work that he became involved with social Upliftment. Together with Nanda Govender, he has been labouring for 18 years in Wallacedene to instill hope and Upliftment in a poverty stricken community. Andre is one of the founding members of Shiloh Christian Upliftment Centre serving as Director. He was appointed as Chairman of Shiloh Synergy on 31 August 2009 and served in this office until August 2012. Andre continues to serve as a Director of Shiloh.

Retief Ueckermann

Retief is a Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant.  On invitation by Schalk Burger (Chairman of Shiloh Synergy) he paid the Klipheuwel School a visit. He was struck by how children’s lives are changed holistically, by providing world class education in world class facilities and instilling a value system that prepares them for live. Moreover, these children who cannot afford such education, are given hope and a chance in life.  He believes that Shiloh understands the real meaning of Upliftment and has the answer to make a positive difference in a human being’s life, never to be the same again.  Retief has been passionately involved in Shiloh ever since, and he became a director on 18 August 2014.

Nanda Govender

Nanda is an Evangelist at heart and served as missionary throughout South Africa as well as India between 1974 and 1985.He is a man of Godly qualities who loves people and aims to bring hope and purpose into lives of as many people as possible.He and his family moved to Cape Town in 1988, where he started working in the Informal Settlements of Cape Town. Together with Andre Beeton, Shiloh Christian Upliftment Centre was founded. Pastor Nanda was appointed as Director in 2009 when Shiloh Synergy was officialy formed.

Eric Galada

Eric is a mechanic by trade and owns his own workshop in Langa. He is also actively involved in the upliftment and development of communities. As a traditional leader his main function is the coordination of skills development for the youth. He is the vice president of CULDTRACM (Cultural Leaders and Diverse Traditional Community Movement) established in 2000. Eric is a board member of  Sobambisana Educare NPO and his role as Vice President is the  promotion of the ECD centres in the various communities. In 14 November 2011 Eric was appointed as a Director of Shiloh Synergy.

Deon Minnaar

Deon is an entrepreneur at heart and currently owns a retail outlet in Kenridge, Cape Town. He has an acute understanding of people and social behaviour and therefore thrives off  helping and interacting with people. As a passionate Christian, Deon enjoys sharing and helping others with what he has been blessed with.
Deon has been involved with Shiloh for the past 10 years and became a director of Shiloh on 23 March 2015.



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