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Shiloh Klipheuwel

Shiloh Klipheuwel

Project Description


Klippie Kids Pre-School officialy started of as a Nursery School which opened its doors on 2 March 2006

(a) The organization runs a pre-school & nursery school for 140 children and has an area where we train teachers. We are also involved in health and welfare projects, a vegetable garden project and a second hand shop. The outstanding standard of the pre-school is the standard that is followed in the excellence of the syllabus we use.

(b) There exists a very good relationship with Durbanville clinic.  Meetings have been held with the sisters resulting in good cooperation. The mobile clinic cannot visit the school because of transport limitations but the children are taken to the clinic when necessary.

(c) The relationship between the police and the organization is very good with two officials usually attending the meetings.

(d) Members of the Department of Social Development visit the school regularly, and in 2009 the school was registered as a pre-school.

(e) There is a training area appointed to resemble a classroom where teachers are trained. The school constantly receive visitors anxious to see how the system works with the intent to establishing similar schools in other underpriveledged areas. 

(f) This programme is excellent, chiefly due to the high standard maintained. The neat appearance of the buildings and class rooms strikes upon arrival. On moving through the classrooms whilst the children are working one observes how methodically and neatly they work. The standard of presentation is also higher than is sometimes found in more affluent areas. The staff who have received the necessary training, know how to keep discipline and treat the children with loving respect. One  realises the proficiency of the principal when one observes how smoothly the wheels turn.


1. The unigue program: J.E.S. Curriculum (Jubilee Excellent Schools)

2. The programme aims to prepare children not only for primary school but for life. They are taught how to deal with situations they will encounter. Attention has also to be given to their needs on a wider spectrum than merely the intellectual.

3. The programme is aimed at all infants in Klipheuwel, Afrikaans speakers and Xhosa speakers, between the ages of  3 and 6 years.

4. The curriculum that is offered differs from that of other nursery & pre-schools. The Jubilee curriculum which is based on the Bible’s Creation story together with the use of Montessori-apparatus is used. Teachers are trained to use the apparatus and the background knowledge is employed with the system, to enable them to instruct the infants. The infants do not work in groups but each one individually and the classes are not divided according to age, the infants aged 3 to 6 years are in the same group. The qualities noticeable from the moment one arrives are as their motto states, cleanliness, excellence and orderliness.  A very expensive system is being used in this underprivileged area.      

5. Infants health problems are identified by the teachers and parents are advised and helped to address them.  With the permission of the parents children are taken to the clinic when necessary.

6. They are in contact with the social worker and problems are referred to her and the services of the district worker are readily available and she attends to any problems in this area. She will also train parents in parenting skills.
When children are identified with learning disabilities, volunteers with the necessary skills are approached for help.

7. A second hand shop is run where good clothes at reasonable prices can be obtained. This initiative is  not only to better clothe the children but also to boost school funds.
Breakfast, a mid-morning snack, a midday meal and an afternoon snack is served to the children to ensure that they receive daily, healthy, balanced meals.

The programme has brought about a complete change in the community:  Before the nursery school opened, the streets of Klipheuwel were crammed with children playing and  receiving no stimulation and the primary school was experiencing problems with their grade 1 class  which had had no pre-school training.  Today the children are thoroughly prepared for school and where possible, problems are identified and rectified. No one need wonder whether the children are hungry as their feeding needs are well catered for.

The community worker who has been working in the area for many years, has noticed that since the opening of the second hand shop the children are noticeably better clothed. But most importantly, these children need no longer be seen as children from underprivileged areas, they can now hold their heads high wherever they find themselves.


Project Manager: Miemie Zandberg
Tel: 082 475 7638
Cell: 082 475 7638
Physical Address Cloete Drive, Klipheuwel
  City of Cape Town Rural 7303

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