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Shiloh Prince Albert

Shiloh Prince Albert

Project Description

Project Description
After leading yearly Christian outreach initiatives during the June school holidays the dream of Etienne van Wyk to extend the impact, became real. In 2012 he initiated the coming together of a NPO Shiloh Synergy and the ‘Omgee’ Trust and proposed an ECD centre for the Noordend community of Prince Albert. In March 2014 seven young women from Noordend completed the Jubilee Excellence Schools training at Klipheuwel. It was decided to start the school as an interim measure in an existing venue and on the 19th of May 2014 the ‘Sonneblom Kiddie College’ opened its doors to 27 young ones. Soon the success of the school was apparent and at the beginning of  the new school year of 2016 over 66 children arrived. The ground where the school will be built is in the process of being rezoned by the municipality. It has been a long drawn out process, but is now just about done and the building process will hopefully start early in 2016.

At Shiloh Prince Albert we makes it our mission to reach out to the greater community with spiritual values and principles; to encourage a holistic approach by addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of children, parents and teachers; to communicate effectively and openly at all times and to manage the project with integrity for the highest good of the school, community and donors alike.

What is JES?
We strive to help every child to develop a healthy self-image by emphasizing their value, therefore the children work with equipment of value.  The school will strive to help every child develop self-discipline, self-motivation and a good healthy self-image which, in turn will have a positive impact on future generations.

The Jubilee Excellence Schools (JES) educational program is a proven model and uses well-designed equipment to develop the young child’s foundational skills in maths, reading and writing. The motto of JES is beauty, excellence and order.  The aim of this syllabus is to prepare children not only for primary school but also for life, thereby broadening their horizons. Since the start of the school members of the community have shown an interest in the school and have offered their skills and knowledge to assist the teachers in making this a school of excellence. Also a local charity organisation contribute on a monthly basis to the daily meals provided at the school. Shiloh Prince Albert and their first project Sonneblom Kiddie College, has already become a beacon of hope for many people in Noordend.

Our biggest appetency is to build a better future for children through education and intellectual development. In so doing building a better future for South Africa. Values that are emphasized: Independence, self- motivation, self-discipline and a healthy self-image. Attention is given to emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and social development. School fee per child per month amounts to R500.  Parents are requested to pay a minimum of R120.

You can help make a difference by sponsoring a child’s school fees or make a contribution towards it, ensuring that the little one is equipped for a fulfilling future. Your money goes directly to supporting a child at the crèche.
In return you will receive lots of information via email on your sponsored child and news from the school, regular updates with photographs and the knowledge that you are helping a child to flourish and grow in a safe environment.

Sponsor a Child  download the debit order.

If you would like to get more information, please contact Karen at : 083-664 2200 or  e-mail: karen@shiloh.org.za

Project Manager: Karen Miller 
SA cell: +27(0) 83 66 42 20 0


Address:  Baptist Church, 2 De Wit Street, Prince Albert




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