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Shiloh Wallacedene

Shiloh Wallacedene

Project Description

Shiloh Wallacedene

Apart from the ± 70 - 100 patients that we feed on a daily basis at the local Government clinic, (1,400 meals pm.) we also serve 3,200 meals p.m. to ±  200 needy children & 300 adults in Wallacedene and Bloekombos.

Clothes, shoes and other essential supplies are also distributed. Some 150 families are supported, with household goods and food when available.

The school project supports 60 less fortunate children; Our objective is to make the youth & children ministry as comprehensive as possible. Children are exposed to creative activities, recreation, leadership development and Drug & AIDS awareness programs.

We try to support the parents/guardians on a continuous basis. We also have meetings with them in order to stress the importance of healthy parenthood and support of their children.

One of the objectives of the ‘Back to School’ program is therefore to create and finance the infrastructure to keep the children at school. People or organizations that support this project help us to lift some members of this poor community out of their bleak existence.


Computer Training Centre: We established a Computer centre which serves as a training centre in Computer skills and access to the internet to all age groups. A SkillsPro Certificate is obtained by completion of the course.
Entrepreneurship: Some 40 ladies/people is registered and obtains clothes from our clothing outlet which they resell as an income.


1. Shiloh Church and projects -Youth - Leadership development - Bible Study - Prayer Meetings -Sunday school

2. Back To School-project -Sponsor a child

4. Shiloh Wallacedene Crèche

5. Clothing Project -Second Hand Shop -Livelihood to those in need

6. Computer Project -Computer Training -Internet facility

7. Sport - Bloekombos school rugby project

8. Livelihood & Nutrition - Soup Kitchen at Shiloh Wallacedene & Bloekombos -Soup Kitchen at Clinic -Livelihood to those in need

Project Manager: Renold Abrahams
Cell: 071 236 4484
Shiloh Church: Nanda Govender
Cell: 084 9100569
Shiloh Youth Vidia Govender
Cell: 084 908 4684
Physical address: 14100 Peterson street, Wallacedene, Kraaifontein 7570                       

Download map: Shiloh Wallacedene (old Christian Upliftment Centre)

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