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Back to School

Back to School

Dear school project

I would like to say thanks for everything that you have done for me it real ment something for to me. I wish that there was a zip in my chest. I would have been already opened so that you can see how thank full am I.
From  - Anele, Dello

Another student writes:

I was very young when I started being on the back to school project, I was in grade 6 when I joined now I am in grade 12 it has been there for me 9 years of my life. They helped me in everything they could. I am thankful for the wonderful work that they are doing and I pray to God to continue blessing them abundantly. I am hoping and believe that one day I will be one of the donors and help kids that cannot afford to pay fees at school.

The back to school project has made a huge change in my life. Before I use to have only one school shirt and my school shoes were broken and had to put a plastic bag inside so I don’t wet my socks.

Back to School project has really been helpful to me in a special way. Thank you once again for touching many souls and changing our lives for the better. God bless.

Yours Faithfully
Luvo Mkila


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