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JES-Schools Parents Comments

JES-Schools Parents Comments

Parent’s testimonies about their children’s development at Klippie Kids

  • Bre-Jane’s (Grade R) mother, Joanne Farao mentioned that she saw a drawing on Facebook drawn by her child. She had tears in her eyes because she felt so proud of her daughter’s development at Klippie Kids.
  • Ande Mhlaba, a grade R learner’s mother mentioned that Ande enjoys it so much at school that she wants to go to school all day every day. She also mentioned that her child can already write both her names and that she is very proud of Ande.
  • Leechanté Mitchells a grade R learner’s mother (Lisby Mitchells) thanked the school for teaching her child to choose her own clothes and dress herself. She also mentioned that her child can now write both her names.
  • Abraham November mentioned that both his children who are 5 years old learnt to speak Xhosa at school. He is so proud of his children and thankful that they have acquired this valuable skill.
  • Lilitha Ncewula’s (Grade R) mother thanked the teachers at Klippie Kids. She mentioned that Lilitha is normally very quiet but that after starting to attend Klippie Kids she has started to tell them stories every evening about what she has learnt at school.

Some general comments made by parents:

  • We clean our house every evening before going to bed since our child is used to the neat and clean environment at Klippie Kids.
  • We pray before every meal as this is how it is done at school.
  • Our child noticed that our garden is not as neat and beautiful as the garden at school so we started to put effort into creating a neat and beautiful garden at our house.
  • One of the moms mentioned at the parent teacher meeting that because her child was taught to peel vegetables, she is able to attend the meeting because her children are preparing the vegetables so that she can just go home and cook dinner.
  • A mom mentioned that her child is happy, healthy, dry and fed when she gets home. Her daughter keeps singing gospel songs so her mom made a recording which she now uses as her ringtone.
  • One child does not want to go to bed in the evening before they clean the kitchen.
  • A mom thanked the school on Facebook for the positive change she noticed in her child after having attended Klippie Kids for only three weeks.
  • One of the moms hikes to school with her child because the bus service was cancelled. She refuses to let this hurdle keep her children from receiving the valuable education they deserve.
  • One child asked: “Mom why do you not wash your hands after going to the bathroom?”
  • One of the children confronted her mother when she started shouting at the child. The child stated that her mother does not need to shout at her but should rather just explain calmly what she wanted.
  • One of the mothers bought her child water boots and was so pleased when the child came and thanked her for the beautiful boots.

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