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Shiloh Testimony staff members

Shiloh Testimony staff members

My Inspiring story of hope - Klippie Kids principle and JES-trainer

Jeanette Moos (46) could not believe it when she heard that she had passed matric. After 18 months of studying she had finally done it and would receive her diploma at Spier situated outside Stellenbosch. She was so excited and told everyone that this would be her big day. She had matching outfits made for herself and her husband.
She was overcome with joy when her name was called out to receive her diploma. She knew that the Lord had blessed her and that He should receive all honour.

She is the eldest of 6 children and because her mom was a live-in domestic worker they had to stay with her grandmother. She had to take care of her brothers and sisters and got up at 5 am to catch the train at 6 which she rode to school. After getting home at 4pm she had to complete her homework and give the younger children some attention. They struggled financially and getting money for the train daily was very challenging. She wore the same cream coloured dress to school every day because they did not have money for a uniform. Later they moved to a one bedroom house, but her mother was still a live-in domestic worker and she had to manage all tasks at her house.

Jeanette says: I left school after completing the 7th grade. I was lucky to find employment at a large company but felt small when talking with other people. I felt stupid for not having completed matric. One day I was called in and they told me to take evening classes at Pentec. The first time I walked into the class I thought to myself that I must be crazy since I had only completed grade 7. I prayed for determination and peace to carry on.  Starting off it was very difficult but things soon got better. When I wrote my first test I got 70% and told myself that one day I will complete matric. I kept on dreaming, believing in myself and telling myself that I can do it. Nothing is impossible for God. Doors started opening for me. I studied part time to finish matric and then became a teacher after which I became the principal of a Pre-School of excellence.

Currently I am also training other people to become teachers at Pre-Schools. I have learnt not to doubt my ability and to forget about negative things that other people say to you or about you.
Revelations 3:8 says: “See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.” This piece of scripture carried and inspired me to trust in God, but also to trust in myself.

I know that I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. The best part is that I can now make a difference in other people’s lives.

PDF-Jeanette Moos Testimony

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