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Shiloh Back to School

Shiloh Back to School

Unemployment and social circumstances are major problems in the informal settlements.

The mortality rate is high due to poor healthcare and Aids, resulting in an increase in abandoned and at-risk children. A surviving parent, a grandmother or another family member may take care of a child. If not, the child becomes homeless, sleeping in the open and living hand to mouth. 

The Back To School project:

The Shiloh ‘Back to School’ Project supply needy children with the necessary basics to be able to attend school proudly. We believe all children have the right to an education. We also arrange assistance with school homework, as and when volunteers are available to assist us with this. Leadership development and self-esteem building forms a big part of our development strategy. Encouraging children to become what God intended for them to be, and to give them hope, is at the heart of the project. We also work in conjunction with the Schools and the welfare worker at school.

Assists with school clothes: Summer & Winter; stationary, a small contribution where school fees are applicable, motivational encouragement & guest speakers, Computer training and Media Centre

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We have a good relationship with the schools and they provide us with reports on the children’s progress.

When individuals or organisations support our efforts, they are contributing to a better future for all.

Children are given opportunities to excel in life and has build many a child’s self esteem to become what God intended them to be...

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