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"Gifts of Grace" Christmas project

"Gifts of Grace" Christmas project

Each Christmas we DV pack & distribute 5,000 parcels to underprivileged children

The abuse of alcohol and other substances is at its peak during the festive season. For this and social reasons Christmas time is not such a joyful time to many poor children of the underprivileged areas. 

Each Christmas we aim to bless at least some of these unfortunate children with a tiny gift and a sweets & fruit parcel, using the opportunity to convey the real meaning of Christmas, and extending the love of Jesus in a practical way.

Every Christmas season we trust the Lord for funds and each year He supplied in the most wonderful ways. Many a testimony came from this project to glorify the name of God. As was the case with the name of the project “Gifts of Grace”.

Three years ago I shared a testimony with a group of 120 people that came to help with the packing of the parcels:” God showed us to carry on with the project just as it is. In addition to a miracle that happened with the funding for that specific year. As I looked down from the balcony on the group God also gave me picture of His Church in unity. Children, adults and from people from every race & congregation we worked in one accord with one heart and in one spirit.

On my statement that it pleases God and His body will one day be in such unity in Heaven, a lady from the group phoned me the next week to say that she struggled with the concept of packing parcels in Heaven…! BUT God (gracefully) gave her a picture of the angels standing ready as we pray so that God can dish out answered prayers as gifts of grace to us. Immediately I knew we had a name for our project.

The most amazing was that she did not know that prior to the event I asked God for a name for our project… I did not want to come up with a name myself. As proof that this is truly a project that God Himself has at heart, I need a name that I will know only He would give.

What a creative God we serve!

To be able to give each child the same parcel whether age or gender and purchase at factory prices, we ask for financial donations. Donations made in advance enable us to buy bulk which means cheaper prices, which we many times have to order in faith!

Keep in touch for the 2014 event. Any amount within your ability can help us bring a little happiness to a poor child (Donations are tax deductible)

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