Shiloh Curriculum


Our motto is: Beauty Excellence and Order

The Jubilee Excellence Schools (JES) curriculum prepares children for life and not just for school. The curriculum teaches independence, self-motivation, respect and order. It creates a love for nature and a curiosity for lifelong learning.

The JES curriculum has three components:

Jubilee system – based on the biblical story of creation, designed by Antoinette Strapp. The system contains approximately 120 boxes with picture and information cards and acts like a practical internet to children.

Montessori equipment and method– through sensory exploration and the use of equipment teachers are able to identify the child’s unique needs thus allowing children to develop at their own pace.

Elements from the National Curriculum– Art and Outdoor Play

Three rules that are applicable in every classroom:

    Everything has its place, and everything should be put back in its place.

    We respect each other and the equipment.

    Never break a child’s concentration.

JES schools are utilised as community centres and skills training facilities which serve whole communities.

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