Shiloh Synergy Management

Project Description

Shiloh Synergy’s strategic plan involves the concerted effort to recruit and promote limited resource citizens within all of its ventures and projects.

The members and partners as well as the multi- and interdisciplinary employees of Shiloh Synergy are sincerely committed to obtaining the goals and objectives of the organisation. Through Shiloh Synergy, we see our mission as part of our calling from God to the destitute and needy. This unique source of motivation is the foundation of our proven track record over the past 21 years.

Shiloh Synergy furthermore prides itself in having acquired an understanding of the challenges of current transformation and the organisation is continuously striving to align its members and personnel equity with recent recommendations to ensure opportunities for all participating citizens.

What can you do to assist?

Offer your expertise (legal, financial, … ) pro-bono to assist the management in executing this daunting task

Donate financially to provide assistance in the managements of the head office