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Who are we?

We are schools of excellence that offer our children world-class education in excellent facilities. This includes every aspect of our schools, which will also be utilised as community centres. We are uncompromisingly focussed on serving the best interest of children and community members in a holistic manner. If we are not prepared to send our own children to our Jubilee Excellence Schools, there is something fundamentally wrong with the principle.

The aim of our unique curriculum is to prepare children not only for primary school but also for life. Attention is given to their emotional, social, mental and physical development, with the goal of guiding them in reaching their full potential.

We really aim to enable a child to have a healthy self-image, inner motivation, inner discipline, and the ability to act independently if and when necessary.

Marguerite Potgieter

Shiloh Education
Project Manager

Cell: 079 955 1664
E-mail: marguerite@shiloh.org.za

How is JES different from other types of schools?

We believe you cannot take a child out of a squatter camp and put him/ her in a squatter crèche. That child is special and we treat him/her as such. Visit us and put excellence to the test.

We are led by the needs of the child and each child gets one-on-one attention.

We do nothing for children which they can do for themselves. This teaches independence as well as taking responsibility for oneself, which will help in preventing abuse at home and in communities.

We teach children to measure their performance against themselves and not against others. No reward system is used to encourage children. Reward should come from the satisfaction of having grown as a unique individual, not from someone else patting one on the shoulder and saying well done.

The JES curriculum is based on Biblical principles.

The majority of JES teachers are unemployed people from within communities where schools are started. They need no previous training and after completing the ten-week JES training offered by Shiloh JES, they are fully equipped to teach. All teachers are sent to complete their level 4 or 5 at the Montessori-oriented Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch, after which we assist them to enrol for their Bed degree.

External resources like electricity, libraries, transport, and the internet are limited. However, no extra planning or preparation is required, since all equipment and information is included in the curriculum. The curriculum acts as a practical internet to both teachers and children. JES has a holistic approach addressing all facets of individuals when aiming to uplift and empower.

There is one teacher for every fifteen children per classroom.

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Download the JES book as a PDF here

What does the JES curriculum consist of?

1.  Jubilee system.

This is a system developed over a period of 22 years. It contains all the information and enough of the necessary equipment in the form of approximately 122 boxes of pictures and information cards, which correlate with and expand on themes covered by other preschools who follow the National Curriculum. These themes are based on the Biblical story of creation.

2.  Montessori

The equipment is initially costly, but extremely durable. Each piece has been developed to teach a specific concept and to improve fine motor co-ordination.

3.  Elements of the National Curriculum
Art and Outdoor play is presented as is, with schools following the National Curriculum.

Three rules that are applicable in every classroom:

Everything has its place, and everything should be put back in its place.

We respect each other and the equipment.

Never break a child’s concentration.

Where does JES fit in?

We are a Shiloh Synergy initiative. Shiloh Synergy consists of a group of projects committed to the holistic upliftment of our underprivileged communities in the Western Cape. Our projects are managed with excellence and integrity, and driven by a passion for the people of South Africa. Shiloh Synergy is a registered NPC. We can provide 18A Tax Rebate certificates and B-BBEE scorecard points.

Jeanette Moos