Our Vision

Uplift with Excellence

Our Mission

We aim to uplift the poor communities of the Western Cape, through effective, holistic projects aimed at addressing the needs of the community. These projects are managed with integrity, so that the community receives maximum benefit and the donors receive maximum satisfaction.

 The Objectives of Shiloh Synergy

  • To operate on Biblical Principals.
  • To build early childhood development schools based on the Shiloh JES models, train and employ teachers from the local community and help the community to take ownership of the school (while overseeing the curriculum).
  • To provide a structure for partnered organisations to fill the needs observed through the interaction with students and teacher at the JES schools, within their expertise.
  • To assist feeding programmes throughout the Western Cape through the provision of pre-cooked nutritious meals, clothing and food parcels for their distribution programmes.
  • To promote community awareness of the needs within our communities, not only by encouraging the participation of the public but also encouraging the community itself to take ownership of their community and responsibility of the needs within.
  • To assist the local churches in effective evangelisation outreaches into the communities.